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Kicking is an ability that fighters have. They are able to kick their enemies to
do extra damage every 12 seconds. Its chances of success are very similar to
bash. Wearing enchanted footgear will help do more damage and improve your
chances to hit with a kick. +1 or better footwear is required to hit a monster
which needs enchanted weapons to hit. You CAN get a critical hit when kicking,
and your footwear can also possibly shatter. Kicking also wears out your
footwear over time just like a weapon wears out from hitting over time.

Note that not all monsters can be kicked (imagine trying to kick a slime). Also,
a fighter's kick timer is reset every time he or she bashes an opponent. In
terms of movement, kicking does not slow a player down, though most monsters
will block exits.


: kick wino
You kick the wino for 10 damage.
The wino flees to the south.
: wear spurred
You wear some spurred boots (+2).
: kick wino
You kick the wino for 15 damage.
The wino flees to the north.

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