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While your money is in the bank, it will accumulate interest. The rate at
which it grows is based on how frequently you log in. This interest is
compounded continuously, but only computed when you log in or before someone
transfers money to your account. Interest computations are only done once
every day to keep your bank statement from becoming cluttered.

: statement
The bank teller shows you your bank statement:

Fri Apr 10 10:41:03 2009: INTEREST for 7 days at 6%: 1118 [Balance: 1001118 gold coins]

   Last Login        |  Interest Rate
   within 2 days     |  8% effective annual rate
   within 14 days    |  6% effective annual rate
   within 30 days    |  2% effective annual rate
   more than 30 days |  no interest

You will earn the most interest by logging in frequently. If you wait for
several days, the interest period will be longer, so it may look like you
are getting more money, but the interest rate will begin to decrease.

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