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MP cost: 35 
School:  Enchantment
Domain:  Trickery

The hold-monster spell enacts powerful enchantment magic against its target, causing
them to become immobile and remain in place, unable to attack or commit many other
actions. The target will constantly attempt to break out of the spell until they
either succeed or the hold duration runs its course. In addition, if enough damage
is done to a held target, the enchantment will break and they will be released
immediately. Note that many various creature types, races, and classes, have higher
natural resistance to this type of enchantment/trickery magic. In addition, being
under certain effects, such as "free-action", "resist-magic", "reflect-magic", or
"berserk" can make one immune or extremely resistant.

-Only mages, liches, druids, and clerics are able to cast this spell.
-The hold-monster spell will work on all players and creature types.  
 However, it will not work on undead players or creatures.

cast hold-monster <target>

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