Online Help

Communication:			    |   Movement:
 say tell gtalk yell ignore cls	    .    go flee sneak leave n s e
 broadcast clansend send classe	    |    w ne nw se sw up down out
 whisper os gto raemote racesend   /.\   run
Status:				   \./  Special:
 score info health who whois	    |    bash circle pray sing meditate
 look finger set clear group	    .    touch pick peek steal backstab
 equipment inventory spells	    |    frenzy track turn charm invoke
 time party classwho daily age	   /.\   sneak drain barkskin renounce
	..--..--....--..--....--..-|x|   teach transmute bloodsacrifice
Combat:				   \./   identify regenerate scout bite
 attack kill bash circle bite	    |    mist hypnotize animate smother
 backstab turn charm cast 	   /.\   holyword maul commune berserk
 touch maul drain envenom	   |x|..--..--....--..--....--..--
	..--..--....--..--....--..-|x|  Miscellaneous:
Actions:			   \./   policy welcomerealms edithist
 get remove wield hold drink use    |    stats newsocials history caps
 wear bribe pledge lose open lock  /.\	 news break
 study cast hide suicide purchase  |x|..--..--....--..--....--..--
 list search quaff put drop ready  \./	Commerce:
 read rescind trade buy readmail    |	 auction trade value shoplift
 second deletemail sendmail hire    .	 repair bank buy refund sell
 jackpot password selection vote    |
 order prepare convert fix	    .
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