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The Player Help File:
ambush          chain-lightning  drop            goblin
animate         charm            druid           goblins
atrophy         chill            dustgust        goodbye
ask             circle           dwarf           group
assassin        clairvoyance     dwarves         gtalk
attack          class            earth-shield    halfelf
backstab        classwho         earthquake      halfgiant
balance         clear            east            halfling
bandage         cleric           eat             halforc
bank            close            electrocution   heal
barbarian       cold-cone        elf             health
bard            consider         emote           help
bash            convert          enchant         hide
befuddle        cost                             hire
berserk         crush            engulf          hold
berserker       cure-blindess    enter           holyword
bite            curepoison       enthrall        human
bless           curse            equipment       hurricane
blind           customs          ethereal-travel hypnotize
blister         cyclone          examine         iceblade
blizzard        daily            fear            identify
blood           darkelf          fighter         ignore
bloodboil       darkelves        finger          immolate
bloodsac        deathknight      fire-protection info
bloodsacrifice  deletemail       fire-shield     inventory
breathe-water   deletestatement  fireball        invisibility
bribe           deposit          firestorm       invoke
broadcast       description      fix             jackpot
bs              detect-invis     flamefill       k
burn            detect-magic     flee            kataran
burstflame      disarm           fly             kick
buy             dispel-evil      focus           kill
c               dispel-good      frenzy          know-aura
cambion         dispel-magic     frostbite       kobold
cambions        down             get             lag
camouflage      drain            give            lagprotect
caps            drain-shield     gnome           learn
cast            drink            go              leave
levitate	quit		 shaman		 tsunami
lich		ranger		 shatterstone	 turn
light		read		 shockbolt	 undead-ward
lightning-bolt	readmail	 shoplift	 unlock
list		ready		 shut		 up
lock		recite		 silence	 use
login		refund		 sing		 value
look		regenerate	 sleet		 vampire
lose		remove		 sneak		 vigor
lottery		remove-curse	 socials	 vote
mage		remove-disease	 songs		 warmth
maul		remove-fear	 south		 waterbolt
meditate	remove-silence	 spells		 wear
mend-wounds	renounce	 staff		 welcomerealms
minotaur	repair		 statement	 werewolf
mist		rescind		 stats		 west
monk		resist-air	 steal		 whirlwind
newsocials	resist-cold	 steamblast	 who
north		resist-earth	 storage	 whois
ogre		resist-fire	 study		 wield
open		resist-lightning stun		 withdraw
orc		resist-magic	 suicide	 word-of-recall
order		resist-water	 summon		 yell
out		restore		 take		 zap
paladin		rm		 talk		 zephyr
parley		rogue		 teach
party		rumble		 teleport     Newer help files:
passwd		run		 tell		  auction
password	sandstorm	 tempest	  os
peek		save		 thief		  gto
pet		say		 thunderbolt	  whisper
pick		sc		 time		  history
pledge		scout		 touch		  envenom
policy		search		 track		  commune
pray		second		 trade		  barkskin
prepare		selection	 train		  darkmetal
protection	sell		 transfer
		send		 transmute
purchase	sendmail	 transport
put		seraph		 troll
quaff		set		 true-sight

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