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MP cost: 30
School:  Not Castable
Domain:  Evil

This spell allows a pure Aramon or Arachnus cleric to rip away about 90% of an
opponent's life force, leaving them with only 1d10 hit points. A successful save
vs death will cause this damage to only be 1/4 of total current hit points. This
spell can only be cast 2x per day, and its success/failure is impacted by level
difference of the caster and target.

cast harm <target>

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When a death knight reaches a high enough level, they are able to cause the dark
energies which are within their soul to flow outward in an open attack on
someone. This is an attack by touch, and thus those immune to non-magical
attacks are unharmed by this, as are monsters requiring magical weapons to hit
them. The damage done is based on the death knight's level. This ability also
time and alignment restrictions. The attack does not always succeed.

: harm win
The darkness within you flows into the wino.
Your harm touch did 43 damage!
You killed the wino.
You gained 6 experience for the death of the wino.

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