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The ranks within a guild are listed below in order of most important to
least important. A guildmaster may use the "guild promote" and
"guild demote" commands to change the rank of guild members.


Each guild may only have one guildmaster. By default, this is the player that
founded the guild. A guildmaster may pass leadership of the guild to another
player by using the "guild abdicate" command.


Being a banker allows you to use all of the guild's bank-related commands.
A banker is also allowed to use the guildhall command to modify a room's name,
short description, and long description. Bankers may invite other players
into the guild.


When creating a new guild, the players that support its creation are
automatically added to the guild as officers. Officers may invite other
players into the guild.

Normal Members

When inviting new members to the guild, invitees join as ordinary guild
members unless otherwise specified.

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