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Guild Halls
    For a list of comands related to guild halls, type "guild hall".
    You may also type "gh" as a shortcut for this command.

Guild halls are pieces of property that belong to a guild. The ownership of
the real estate stays with the guild, not with the person who purchased the
property. Should a guild leader abdicate their responsibilities, their
successor will assume ownership of the guild hall. Note that only members
of the guild may enter this guildhall.

Guild Layout

The initial shape of your guild hall is determined by the type of deed you
purchase. To view the layout, you may purchase the deed, examine it, and then
refund it without using it. Each room in the layout will be numbered, unless
you are purchasing a tower layout, in which the lowest room will be #1. When
creating a guild hall, you may link the exit to any room in the layout.

Note: when your guild is created, the first guild layout deed in your
inventory will be used. Do not carry multiple layout deeds.

Extensions to your basic layout may be purchased. Extensions are usually
single rooms that add functionality to your guild, such as a clinic or a
post offices. Additionally, upon guild creation, you may make the entrance
hidden, concealed, or invisibile by buying the appropriate item from the
realty shop.

Room Names, Descriptions, and Exits

Room names descriptions in the guild hall will initially start empty. It is
the job of the guildmaster to ensure that the rooms are descripted properly.
Exits may also be renamed to fit the theme of the guild more closely.
Note that cardinal exits (north, southwest, etc) cannot be renamed. If you
would like further help customizing your guild hall, contact a watcher
and a staff member will get in touch with you.

Notice: local governments watch guilds very closely. An assassins guild
trying to set up shop in Sigil, for example, would be shut down immediately.
Choose the city you are trying to set up headquarters in carefully. Note that
Highport is a neutral town and guilds of all kinds are welcome.

Final Note
Roleplaying with guilds will be strictly enforced, so please keep guilds
properly themed with the room and city they are built it.

For further information about guilds, please type HELP GUILDS.

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