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This command allows you to display information about your groups, create
groups, join groups or lead a group.  Without any parameters the command
will list your group's name, group options, and a list of people in the
group.   It also allows you to see the current hit points and magic points of
everyone/everything in your group. If a group member is hurt, their hit points
appear in red. If you have the know aura spell cast upon you, or if you're a
paladin, you will see the aura of each member of your group as blue for good,
normal for neutral, and red for evil. You will not see these colors if you

If you do not want your hit points and magic points displayed to your group,

Syntax: group <leave>
              <promote> <player name>
              <kick> <player name>
              <name> <group name>
              <type> <public/private/invite only>
              <set> <split/xpsplit>
              <clear> <split/xpsplit>
              <invite> <player name>

Join/Accept: Accept an invitation to join a group

Leave: Leave your current group.  If you are the leader this will pass lead
to another person in the group.  If the group falls below 2 members it will
disband the group.

Invite: Invite someone to the group. Access to this command depends on the
group type (see below).

Promote (Leader Only): Promote someone else to group leader.

Kick (Leader Only): Remove someone from the party.

Name (Leader Only): Rename the group

Type (Leader Only): Change the group type to one of the following:
  Public (Default) - Anyone can join and any member can invite
  Invite Only - Only people invited can join, anyone in the group can invite
  Private - Only people invited can join, only the leader can invite

Set[Clear] (Leader Only): Change group flags.  Currently available: split, xpsplit

Disband (Leader Only): Disband the group

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