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To fish, you must first obtain a fishing pole. The better the fishing pole,
the more likely you are to catch a fish. Some of the stronger fish (marlins,
for example) can only be caught by especially strong poles).

Once you have a fishing pole, you need only find a suitable place to fish.
Anywhere near water on the overland map will suffice, as will bridges or
city docks. Different areas will give you different types of fish - for
example, fishing on the coast will result in different fish than fishing
on a river. To begin fishing, hold your fishing pole and type "fish".

If you receive a message saying that you almost caught a fish, it means that
you were unable to carry whatever it is you would have caught. Clear out
your inventory so that you may continue fishing. It some cases, if the fish
is a unique object or a lore object, clearing out your inventory may not

Also note that you may cook the fish you catch. Go to any kitchen with a
stove (any room with a fire) and type "cook <fish>".

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