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This ability is for the use of assassins once they reach high
enough level. It allows them to poison their weapons, thus
making them possibly able to poison monsters or players on a
successful backstab. Poison must be bought in shops, or it
can sometimes be found dropped by monsters which die. Generally,
the more expensive the poison, the longer it will last, the
more times you can apply it to weapons, and the more damage
per tick it will do to an enemy. Once a weapon is envenomed,
the poison will delude after a time, so it must be used promptly.

A player killed by poison from an assassin DOES NOT lose any
experience. They will lose a pkill, however. Similarly, by
poisoning a monster, an assassin does not get full experience
from it when it dies. In addition, perms are very hard to
poison. An assassin will automatically poison himself should
he fumble a backstab with an envenomed weapon.

: envenom (weapon) (poison)

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