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Dwarven Roleplaying Notes

Dwarves are very stubborn and tough. They LOVE to drink and bar-room brawl,
usually with other dwarves, but will do it with others if no dwarves are
there. They always have a high pain tolerance, and usually just get pissed
off when hit, instead of feeling the pain. Dwarves never run from battle.
There is almost never such a thing as a cowardly dwarf. Dwarves hate riding
horses, and they can't stand being on boats or fording rivers and such. A
dwarves' idea of comfort is a rocky hard floor in a room at the bottom of a
mine or elsewhere underground. Pillows and soft beds are for pansies. Work
is paramount to a dwarf - there is no time for play. They are never lazy
and always are thinking of something to do. You NEVER touch a dwarves
weapon. That is a good way to get your head cut off. More importantly, you
NEVER steal a dwarf's ale or make him spill it. This can result in someone
getting beaten within an inch of their lives. Dwarves dislike and distrust
mages and magic alike. It's silly to them. People should spend their time
doing something useful like mining, making weapons and armor, or killing
orcs and giants... not playing around with abstract things you can't see
and touch like magic.

Dwarves hate orcs and half-orcs with a passion. They also can't stand
goblins or kobolds, but not as much as they hate orcs and half-orcs.
Dwarves also do not like giants at all, but they LOVE to fight them.
They constantly taunt and jeer at giants while in combat with them. Dwarves
are very cold to elves, as elves are pansies in their eyes which don't know
how to fight, have no pain tolerance, and always waste their time doing
stupid things like painting and sculpting, dancing, and hanging out in the
forest, which is a place a dwarf can't stand. And worst of all, most elves
drink WINE!! GACK!!! A common gripe from a dwarf to an elf would be: "Go
climb a tree or something, ye pointed-eared pansy-ass." or something
similar. Elves are also viewed by dwarves as self-important snobs. A
dwarf's beard is an extreme source of pride to him. One of the worst things
someone can call a dwarf is a "bearded gnome". They find this very

So, if you are willing to be stubborn and difficult, and want to charge
into combat without abandon, and you are tired of all these elves
everywhere, a dwarf is most definitely for you.

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