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Druid Roleplaying Notes

Druids are a particularly peculiar class when it comes to roleplaying. As
a force of nature, they are not as connected to the political and moral
affairs of the world of men. Instead, they quest to protect nature and her
animals and keep the world in balance. To them, an "evil" person who kills
babies in their sleep yet treats the world with respect is more likable
than the holy paladin who cuts down trees for his magnificent hunting
lodge. It is not that they don't care about men and women, but rather much
more about the animals of the world. Of course, the evil man who kills
babies will most likely have many other bad traits that go with him, which
could involve killing baby animals - then the druid would hate him more
than the paladin.

Some druids even go as far as to meddle in the politics of the world to
ensure a balance between good an evil. For example, with the war between
Caladon and Sigil, either side winning would be seen as a loss, as the
balance in the world would be greatly upset should one kingdom defeat the
other and gain control of 2/3s of the known world. Druids also have a
liking towards Highport with its policy of remaining neutral in the 
aforementioned war. Those druids who believe in the balance of the universe 
above everything else would even go as far as assisting the death knights in
their cause should they be losing the battle. In short, druids do not want
any side to get too much power and upset the nature balance of the world.

Besides their views on the universe, druids are very in-tune with nature.
Battling some powerful druids can be frightening as the forest itself seems
to come alive and attack. Animals are the friends of druids, and it is
rumored that some of the more talented druids can speak to animals. The
druid system is very strict, where elders are treated with respect and
initiates do whatever they are told. Advancing in the hierarchy involves
defeating the druid who holds the position above you in a very complicated
duel. The rules can vary but are always decided beforehand - for example,
some regulations can be no magic, only magic, only fists, to the death, to
a certain number of hitpoints, to a certain percent of hitpoints,
pet-duels, etc. The list is literally endless. Although this hierarchy is
not implemented in Realms, druids still follow a strict "respect your
elders" code.

Druids are generally a confusing bunch to roleplay. Some might accuse them
of having shifty morals, though they are generally quite devout and loyal.
They shun society and do not like spending much time in cities - in fact,
druids separated from their forests are often known to go insane. They much
prefer solitude, sometimes even from the members of their own order, many
living in hermitage most of their lives.

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