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There are currently twelve domains of magic in the world:

    Augmentation         Creation
    Destruction          Evil
    Good                 Healing
    Knowledge            Nature
    Protection           Travel

Domains of magic are used by divine spellcasters. Clerics, druids,
paladins, deathknights, and rangers are divine spellcasters. As the
foundation of the new magic system is in, but the full magic system has
not yet been coded, your skill level in each of these domains does not
affect your spell-casting ability. It will in the future, though, so train
your skills as you normally would. To see your skill level in all magic
skills, type skills magic.

There are six temporary magic skills - they represent the six elemental
realms. They are:

    Air Realm            Cold Realm
    Earth Realm          Electric Realm
    Fire Realm           Water Realm

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