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Used with no arguments, the disarm command will remove any weapon(s) you
currently have wielded.

(4 H 2 M): disarm
You removed a hoe.
(4 H 2 M): flee
You flee in terror.

Fighters of level 7 and higher are able to disarm their opponents. For the
ability to work, the fighter must be wielding a weapon other then a missile
weapon. Most often this ability will make the fighter's opponent fumble
their weapon. There is a chance, however, that it makes their opponent drop
their weapon instead. The higher the positive level difference between the
fighter and his opponent, the more likely the weapon will be dropped and
not fumbled. This ability can be used on players as well as mobs which
wield weapons.

: Bob wields a hoe.
: disarm bob
You disarm Bob!
You force Bob to drop the hoe!

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