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Death on Realms is strongly discouraged, but still happens despite players'
best efforts to avoid it. Following a death that has been caused by a
monster, trap, poison, or other effect, a player loses up to 10% of their
total experience. At the 10th level and higher, this loss decreases to 2%,
with a minimum of a 10k loss.

Starting with the 7th level, you will be afflicted with a magical death-
sickness. The duration of this sickness increases with your level, and its
remaining time can be found by using the effects command.

While you are afflicted with death-sickness, you will find combat much more
difficult, as you will have a random chance of attacking slowly. During
movement, you will also become randomly stunned. Furthermore, you will
regain health and magic points very slowly. The strength of death-sickness
is strongest right after you die, and gradually weakens until it finally
wears off.

As a result of the implementation of death-sickness, experience loss for
higher level players has been decreased.

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