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After long consideration, we have decided on a very simple policy for
customs. The way the policy was before, too many people were depending on
customs in order to make themselves more powerful, and not enough on their
roleplaying aspects, which is what customs are truely for. You're supposed 
to get customs to make your characters unique, not to make them more

As mentioned, the policy is very simple. All you have to do to get a
custom, is be level 13+ and have 25k gold. Then you find an item in the
game and get it. You then mail a watcher and tell them you want a custom
item or use the form provided on the website. Dominus must approve of the
new name. If the item you are making a custom is damaged, and it can
normally be repaired, then he will repair it for you. Basically customs are
nothing more then renaming existing items now.

To summarize, here's the policy:
 1) Get to level 13.
 2) Find an item EXISTING in the game (not a custom) and get it.
    This item cannot be a lore item.
 3) Gather up 25k gold.
 4) Mail a watcher that you want a custom. You will need to include all the
    information for Dominus in this mail, as he will create these at his
    leisure, whether you are logged on or not. Right after you mail a
    watcher you should use the bank and transfer the 25k to Dominus.
 5) Dominus will take the first item in your inventory with the name
    specified. He will set the item's level to level 13 and flag it as a
 6) If normally repairable, Dominus will repair it. If you want to make an
    item that is not repairable a custom, bring it to Dominus unused.
 7) Dominus will curse your custom for another 10k gold.
 8) Dominus will make your custom resist-dissolve for another 10k gold.
 9) If you normally cannot use an item, it cannot be your custom.
 10) No one but Dominus (not even another DM) can do this for you.
 11) This policy is subject to change at any time.

Follow this example:
Dear Watcher,
   I have an item in my inventory I want to be a custom.
ITEM: some cloth pants

NAME: some bronze pantaloons
DESC: They're great bronze breeches that provide little comfort.
USE:  You strap the bronze pantaloons on your legs.
USE, CURSED and RDISSOLVE are optional.

A better and more efficient way of getting customs done is to fill out
the form on the website. It can be found at:

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