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Help on: Creature Types

All NPCs and mobs in the game are categorized into different creature "types". These types help determine a mob's
HP, XP, gold dropped, amongst other things, when loading. In addition, they also can define certain resistances
that are specific to a certain type of creature, or vulnerabilities. You can see what type of creature a mob
or NPC is by looking at them. For example:
:look high

You see a Highport guardsman. He is of creature type: Humanoid.
He's a big guy with a halberd.

Following is a list of all the different creature types, their definitions, along with examples for each. In your
travels, you will likely find some mobs not categorized properly, or with no category. If that happens, we fix 
them as we find them. For the most part, that does not have much of an effect on actual gameplay. Note also that 
any of the following types can also be undead. Undead is a unique category (see Undead category below). If a mob 
is undead, it will show (Undead) after its category when you look at it.

These are your normal animals. Examples are like domestic cats/dogs, cows, wolves, horses, etc..

This category applies to any giant or monstrous arachnid with 8 legs. Examples: doomspider, giant scorpion, 
huge spider, giant tarantula, etc..

This applies to anything that lives primarily in the astral plane. Examples: astral vortex, astral dreadnaught, etc..

Any mechanically automated mindless creature. Examples: clockwork gnome, iron cobra, shield sentinel

This applies to regular or giant non-magical birds of all types. Examples: eagle, giant hawk, etc..

Creatures with special abilities (often non-magical) which cannot be categorized otherwise. Examples: 
carrion crawler, hook horror, rust monster, pegasus, etc..

Sinister dwellers of the middle lower planes. They are VERY evil and deadly murderous creatures..usually loners.
They are in between demons and devils, usually working to pit the former against one another for their own nefarious
plans. Examples: ultradaemon, hydrodaemon, piscodaemon.

The denizens of the 666 layers of the Abyss. They can be of any kind of shape or size, the more chaotic the better. 
They live to cause as much murder and mayhem as possible. They hate Devils and will kill them on sight. Examples
include: glabrezu, hezrou, horned demon, manes, babau, chasme, dretch, quasit, succubus, incubus.

Devas are denizens of the outer celestial planes, primarily the Seven Heavens. They are very powerful and often
with almost godlike intelligence. They despise evil and injustice in all its various forms and are very quick
to smite evil-doers on sight. Usually when a god of good wants to interfere in the Prime Material plane, they 
send a Deva. Examples: angel of light, cherubim, solar, planetar, movanic deva, etc..

The dwellers of the nine Hells. They are extremely conniving and power hungry, often making deals with mortals on
the Prime Material plane for their souls in the afterlife. While they are very evil and murderous, they also are
very orderly natured. As such, they have extreme hatred and disgust for demons and will kill them on sight.
Examples: lemure, bearded devil, pit fiend, ice devil, imp.

Any pre-historic dinosaur creature. Examples: t-rex, brontosaurus, velociraptor, pteradactyl, etc..

Dire Animal
These are larger more monstrous versions of normal animals. Examples: dire wolf, sabretooth tiger, mammoth, etc...

The rarest of creature types, dragons are ancient and powerful. They are extremely intelligent and dangerous the
older they get. They can be good or evil, but good dragons are much rarer. No examples really needed here.
Any creature natively from the elemental planes of earth, air, fire, or water, as well as their adjacent quasi or
para-elemental planes. Often summoned by mortals. Also includes ancient creatures tied to nature. Examples: 
fire elemental, unseen servant, aerial servant, treants, The Tree of the Dead, xorn, xaren, etc..

Creatures of pure energy. Often very alien in nature. Examples: will-o-wisp, xeg-yi, xag-ya.

Any creature that lives primarily or partially in the ethereal plane. Examples: ghosts, spectres, shadows, 
ethereal cyclones, haunts, etc...

Fey creatures of all types, whether good or evil in disposition. Always chaotic in nature, and always will attempt
to play tricks on mortals, sometimes very deadly and sadistic ones. Examples: dryads, quicklings, pixies, nymphs, etc..

Any regular or giant sized fish. Examples: sharks, giant jellyfish, salmon, pirhana, etc..

Creatures purley gaseous in form. Often very alien or mindless. Examples: gas spore, mist horror, fog creature, etc..

All giants or related to giants. Examples: fire giant, ogre, mul, half-giant, troll, firbolgs, hill giants, etc..

The sinister races sworn to be enemies of all humanoids. Often vicious, conniving, and murderous. Sometimes intelligent,
but more often not very. Usually small and bi-pedal. Examples: goblins, kobolds, vindingrott, derro, etc..

This is any magically animated monster, usually a guardian. Examples: iron golem, glesh golem, diamond golem.

Humanoids are the most common creature type. They include anything usually medium-sized and bi-pedal. Examples: humans,
orcs, gnomes, dwarves, hobgoblins, elves, drow, etc...

These are your standard or large sized insects, including small spiders (yes spiders are arachnids, but this is an
exception for the sake of easier categorization.)
Examples: small spider, wasp, giant ant, gnat, mosquitos, giant centipede, etc..

Humanoid shaped insect people fit into this category. Example: thri-kreen warrior, aspis drone
Magical Beast
Any creature which usually was created long ago by deranged wizardly experiments or came about as a result of some
terrible curse. They often have varying magical special abilities or defenses. Examples include: lycanthropes, 
owlbear, umber hulk, roc, gremlin, fire toad, gorgon, medusas, beholder, mimic, hydra, lurker, illithid, etc...

These are the denizens of the outer plane of Mechanus, also commonly called Nirvana. They are mechanical-like but 
organic creatures, looking very alien in nature. They are often more intelligent the bigger they are. Their society 
is one of complete order. They abhore chaos in all forms. The more unique Modrons will have individual identities. 
Examples: monodrone, duodrone, nonaton, septon.

Monstrous Humanoid
This category includes most savage monstrous bi-pedal creatures. Examples: gnolls, bugbears, minotaurs, lizard men, 
flinds, etc..

These include most ooze type formless creatures, often being able to create pseudo-pods. Examples: grey ooze, ice ooze,
crystal ooze, etc..

These are all your regular or monstrous plant-like creatures. Example: vampiric vines, venus fly trap, strangleroot tree, 
yellow mold, shambling mound, etc...

Puddings are any amorphous creatures with no actual form but that of a big blob of sorts. They often dissolve their
prey to eat them, and are usually found in underground settings. They sometimes divide when hit, making them difficult
to kill completely, other than with fire. Examples: black pudding, brown pudding, gelatinous cube, ochre jelly, etc...

Reptiles include any non-magical normal or giant-sized reptilian creatures. Examples: snake, giant asp, crocodile, 
giant frog, giant horned lizard, etc..

Slimes are any slimy and amorphous rapidly spreading creatures, very much like molds. They often dissolve their surroundings
and absorb them, including their dinner. Examples: green slime, olive slime, etc..

The Undead category is reserved for very intelligent or extremely unique undead or free-form spirits, as most of the 
creature types listed here can also be undead too. For example, a zombie, while undead, is the creature type of what it 
was in life, or a ghost is ethereal. Examples of the Undead category would be like: vampire lords, dracolich, revenants, 
demi-lich, poltergeist, lich king, etc..

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