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Crafting skills are a set of skills that let you create items. All of them
act in similar ways. They are:
   brew (not done)

These two commands allow you to create objects, but are not related to a

There are three types of objects you will need to create a new object.
Looking at a recipe will tell you which types of objects are required for
that specific recipe. They are:
   Ingredients: these objects are consumed when creating a new object.
      These objects are generally required components, like metal ore
      or yeast.
   Reusables: these objects can be reused. Examples include a smithing
      hammer or a mortar and pedestal.
   Equipment: These objects are usually large and reside in a room
      somewhere. They do not need to be prepared - this will happen
      automatically when you attempt to create your item. Examples include
      a stove, a forge or a loom.

There are several ways you can create new items:

1) Use the prepare command and prepare the items in your inventory.
   Then use the appropriate command for the skill you are attempting to
   use. If a combination is possible, a new item will be created. Use the
   unprepare command to unprepare an item. This method of creating items
   allows you to experiment with recipes you have not yet learned.

   For example, if you wanted to make bread, you would type:
   : prepare flour
   You prepare the flour.
   : prepare yeast
   You prepare the yeast.
   : cook
   You prepare a stove.
   You have successfully cooked a loaf of bread.

   Note: some combinations will require you to know the recipe. While you
   can bake bread using the trial-and-error method, you cannot smith a
   sword without knowing how.

2) Use a recipe. This will automatically prepare all the items in your
   inventory for you. This can be done in two ways. If you have the recipe
   in your inventory, use the appropriate command on that object.

   : tailor instructions
   You prepare some cotton.
   You prepare a spinning wheel.
   You have successfully tailored some thread.

   If you have the recipe memorized, you may use the recipe number instead.
   For example, if the bread recipe were recipe #2 in your recipe book, you
   could type "cook 2" or "cook #2" to create
   the item.

3) If an object is the sole ingredient in a recipe, and no resuable
   objects are required, you may simply use the command on that object:

   : cook trout
   You prepare a stove.
   You prepare a brown trout.
   You have successfully cooked some cooked brown trout.

4) Some recipes will allow you to create items of any size. This is
   generally true of smithing and tailoring recipes. If this is possible,
   the recipe will say so when you examine it.

   Creating items of variable size requires a variable amount of
   ingredients. Currently, you may examine the chart below to determine how
   many ingredients you will need:

   Size             | Number of each Ingredient
   large or smaller |  1 of each
   huge             |  2 of each
   gargantuan       |  4 of each
   colossal         |  8 of each

   Creating something of a different size requires more talent than
   creating something of your own size. Each size category difference will
   require one more level (10 points) of experience than the recipe
   normally requires. If a recipe requires 100 skill points to make and you
   wish to make the item one size category different, you will need 110
   skill points.

   To create something of a different size, simply specify the size in the
   command. By default, your will create the object to match your current
   size. For example:

   : smith #1 huge
   You prepare some iron ore.
   You prepare some iron ore.
   You prepare a smithing hammer.
   You prepare a forge.
   You have successfully smithed an iron sword.

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