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 age                 Show your character's age and time played.
 alignment           Choose your alignment.
 assist              Assist a player, targeting their target.
 auction             Auction an item for players to buy.
 balance             See your bank balance.
 bandage             Use bandages to heal yourself.
 birthday            Show which players online have birthdays.
 break               Break an object.
 bribe               Bribe a monster to leave the room.
 buy                 Purchase an item.
 claim               Claim a lottery ticket.
 clansend            Communicate via the clan channel.
 classsend           Communicate via the class channel.
 clear               Clear a preference.
 close               Close a door.
 colors              Show colors and set custom colors.
 combine             Create new items.
 convert             Convert from chaotic alignment to lawful alignment.
 cook                Create new items.
 craft               Create new items.
 daily               See our usage of daily-limited abilities.
 deposit             Deposit gold in the bank.
 description         Change your character's description.
 dice                Roll dice.
 disarm              Disarm an opponent or remove your wielded weapons.
 drink               Drink a potion.
 drop                Remove an item from your inventory and drop it on the ground.
 duel                Challenge another player to a duel.
 eat                 Eat some food.
 effects             Show what effects you are currently under.
 equipment           View the equipment you are currently wearing.
 factions            Show your standing with various factions.
 finger              Look up an offline character.
 fish                Go fishing.
 follow              Follow another player.
 forum               Information on your forum account.
 gag                 Gag a player.
 gamestat            Game time statistics.
 get                 Pick up an item and put it in your inventory.
 gossip              Communicate via the gossip channel.
 group               Show group members.
 gsend               Communicate via the guild channel.
 gtalk               Send a message to your group.
 guild               Perform guild-related commands.
 hide                Hide from view.
 ignore              Ignore a player.
 information         Show extended information about your character.
 inventory           View your inventory.
 keep                Prevent accidentially throwing away an item.
 knock               Knock on a door to make a noise on the other side.
 languages           Show what languages you know.
 list                Show items for sale.
 lose                Stop following another player.
 lottery             View lottery info.
 mccp                Toggle mccp (compression).
 newbie              Communicate via the newbie channel.
 open                Open a door.
 password            Change your password.
 pay                 Pay a monster a toll.
 pledge              Pledge your allegience to a clan.
 preferences         Show preferences.
 prepare             Prepare for traps or prepare an item for crafting.
 property            Manage your properties.
 quests              View your quests and perform quest-related commands.
 quit                Log off.
 racesend            Communicate via the race channel.
 readmail            Read your mudmail.
 recipes             Show what recipes you know.
 recite              Recite a phrase to open certain locked doors.
 reclaim             Reclaim an item you just pawned.
 reconnect           Log in as another character.
 refund              Refund an item you just purchased.
 repair              Have a smithy repair an item.
 reply               Reply to a direct message.
 rescind             Rescind your allegience from a clan.
 score               Show brief information about your character.
 search              Search for anything hidden.
 sell                Sell an item.
 sendmail            Send a mudmail to another player.
 set                 Set a preference.
 shipquery           See where chartered ships are.
 shop                Perform player-shop-related commands.
 sit                 Sit down to heal faster.
 skills              Show what skills your character knows
 sleep               Go to sleep to heal faster.
 smith               Create new items.
 sneak               Sneak to an exit so you are not seen.
 speak               Speak a different language.
 spells              Show what spells you know.
 stand               Stand up from a sitting position.
 statement           View your bank statement.
 statistics          Show character-related statistics.
 study               Study a scroll to learn a spell.
 suicide             Delete your character.
 surname             Choose a surname.
 tailor              Create new items.
 talk                Talk to a monster.
 target              Target a creature or player.
 tell                Send a message to another player.
 throw               Throw an object.
 time                Show the current time
 title               Choose a custom title.
 tnl                 Show the room how much experience you have to level.
 toggle              Toggle a preference.
 trade               Trade an item with a monster.
 train               Go up a level.
 transfer            Transfer gold to another character.
 unkeep              Unkeep an item.
 unprepare           Unprepare an item.
 value               Check the value of an item.
 visible             Cancel invisibility.
 wake                Wake up from being asleep.
 weapons             Use weapon trains.
 whisper             Whisper a message to another player.
 who                 See who is online.
 whois               View information about a specific character.
 wiki                Look up a wiki entry.
 withdraw            Withdraw gold from the bank.
 yell                Yell something that everyone in the room and nearby rooms can hear.

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