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Clerics on Realms are all of different deities. You must choose which deity
you want at character creation. All clerics endeavor to increase the
influence of their deity in the world of Derlith. All clerics are able to
pray to their deity in order to get increased piety.

NOTE: All clerics start with the initial spell vigor. (HELP VIGOR)

Clerics of Aramon

Aramon is the god of deceit, the void, death, strife, and ambiguity. His
sole purpose is to bring about the total destruction of Derlith by plunging
 it into a realm of infinite darkness. As such, his priests seek to kill,
mame, destroy, and scheme to this end. Aramon's clerics are highly tied to
necromantic arts, so they deal with the undead often. As such, they are
able to call forth undead to aid them. They are also able to enthrall these
undead creatures, thereby charming them to not cause the cleric any harm.
Aggressive undead will not usually attack a cleric of Aramon without
provocation. Aramon clerics must remain evil at all times, less they risk
the wrath  of Aramon. Clerics of Aramon hate clerics of Enoch, and they
will go way out of their way to destroy them by any means.

Abilities: pray, teach, enthrall, animate
Restrictions: Must wear light armor. Must remain evil.
              Healing spells on others are penalized.
Races: Cambion, Goblin, Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Orc, Human, Kataran,
       Kobold, Minotaur, Ogre, Orc, Tiefling, Troll

Clerics of Ares

Ares is the god of war, destruction, bloodlust, and violence. Conquest is
his chief goal, and anywhere he can increase it, he gains more influence.
As such, priests of Ares tend to be of a less civilized mindset. Ares
priests are not very adept at healing as clerics usually are. A priest of
Ares is much like a berserker-priest, in that he is able to go berserk in
combat in order to do more damage. Also like a berserker, an Ares priest
is able to bash his opponents to oblivion, although not as well. Ares
priests are always in the vanguard of any barbarian conquests, and they
often seek to lead in battle all over Derlith. Clerics of Ares despise
clerics of Ceris, often openly attacking them or driving them away.

Abilities: pray, teach, bash, berserk
Restrictions: Must remain neutral. Healing spells are
              always cast at half level.
Races:  Barbarian, Cambion, Goblin, Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Orc, Human,
	Kataran, Kobold, Minotaur, Ogre, Orc, Troll

Clerics of Ceris

Ceris is Derlith's goddess of healing, fertility, and compassion. She seeks
to prevent death, violence, and war however possible. Her clerics are often
renown as the best  healers and disease curers in the entire world. It is
even said that some of the more powerful Ceris clerics are able to raise
back people from the dead! As Ceris clerics are pacifists, they abhor
combat. As such, they are not very good with weapons, and are only able to
use blunt and pole class weapons. Clerics of Ceris openly despise any kind
of violence or evil. As such, they stand in the way of followers of Ares
and Aramon whenever possible. Ceris' followers try to stay clear of priests
of Enoch, as those priests recently have been on a crusade to subjugate
followers of Ceris using "righteous violence".

Abilities: pray, teach, turn, healing spell bonus
Restrictions: Light armor only. Pole and blunt weapons only. Must not
              go to extreme evil alignment.
Races: Human, Half-Elf
Special: rejuvenate spell (HELP REJUVENATE)
         resurrect spell (HELP RESURRECT)

Clerics of Enoch

Enoch is Derlith's god of martial righteousness, truth, justice, and
paladins. He seeks to spread his influence however possible by helping the
weak and oppressed, by showing them his light and the singular truth of his
ways. Clerics of Enoch seek to convert all people to follow the beliefs of
Enoch, and they will openly fight if necessary to do this. They hunt out
evil wherever they find it, even if it's not really there in some cases.
Followers of Aramon are to be given no mercy, as Enoch has a long standing
feud with Aramon. Others who aid him receive no mercy either. Enoch clerics
of higher power are able to use a holyword to smite their evil enemies.
They are also very good with weapons and armor, due to their martial
nature. Undead fear clerics of Enoch, and often run in fear from their
increased turning abilities. A cleric of Enoch must remain good, or their
power is liable to wane, and the Inquisitors' Order might come looking for
them for questioning.

Abilities: holyword, pray, teach, turn, turn bonus
Restrictions: Must remain as good as possible, or
              abilities wane.
Races: Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Orc, Human, Kataran, Seraph

Clerics of Gradius

Derlith's dwarves all follow the god Gradius, their god of mining,
metallurgy, earth, and creation. Gradius is a jovial god, known as the best
drinker and carouser in the heavens. On Derlith, he seeks to increase his
influence primarily through dwarven expansion and building, but also
through conquests against evil humanoids such as orcs, goblins, ogres,
trolls, and giants. Dwarven clerics of Gradius are second in warfare only
to clerics of Ares, and they often are seen at the head of dwarven armies
leading in perilous charges, screaming their god's name. Upon reaching
certain power, a cleric of Gradius is able to smother opponents with the
power of earth. He is also able to conjure creatures of earth to aid and
assist him in combat. Healing is not a strong suit of a Gradius cleric, as
they are more focused on the areas of warfare and elemental earth magic.
Clerics of Gradius will seek to spread their god's influence in any way
they can, most often by killing as many orcs, goblins, ogres, giants, and
trolls as possible.

Abilities: pray, teach, smother, conjure(earth only)
Restrictions: Must remain neutral to light blue, or powers will wane,
              sometimes not functioning. Healing magic is penalized.
Bonus: see "help vile" for more information.
Races: Dwarf only

Clerics of Kamira

Kamira is Derlith's goddess of merriment, adventure, thieves, gambling, and
excitement. She is all about having a good time at all costs. Her
priesthood is completely chaotic, being one huge long party whenever any
clerics are awake and not unconscious. She is also the goddess of luck,
and many wish the luck of Kamira on their allies before battle or some
other risky endeavor. Clerics of Kamira are said to be unnaturally lucky.
So much so, that nobody will gamble with them, and in some places it's
even illegal! They also have a tendency to "borrow" things and give them
to the poor, or otherwise to play practical jokes on people, so they are
fully versed in the ability to steal. Clerics of Kamira are good of heart,
and must remain so, or their power with the goddess will wane. They are
some of the best explorers in the land, able to search almost as well as
some rangers, and they can hide as well as a thief. At a certain point, they 
even learn to pick locks. The enemy of a cleric of Kamira is anybody not out 
to have a good time.

Abilities: pray, teach, pick, peek, steal, naturally lucky,
           search and hide well
Restrictions: Must remain good, or powers will wane,
              Must wear light armor, no missile weapons.
Races: Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human

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