Online Help

12/01/2022: Version 2.57
* The anchor spell will now work like it is supposed to, giving you the
  "dimensional-anchor" effect. It will give you 90% resistance to mobs casting
  ethereal-travel or word-of-recall on you going forward. It also will prevent
  you from being summoned or using a hazy, so be careful with it. See HELP ANCHOR
  for more info.
* Going along with the above, there is now a "dispel" command. This allows you
  to dispel positive effects on your person. With this command, you can kill any
  "dimensional-anchor" effect on yourself immediately. See HELP DISPEL for
  more information.

11/20/2022: Version 2.56e
* The new "traffic" command has been added. This will allow players to get
  a general idea of how much mob traffic comes to any given room. You can check
  HELP TRAFFIC for more information on this commmand.
* All tick rooms that are pkill safe now double as a post office.

11/15/2022: Version 2.56d
* The discord sports-talk channel will now cast to the MUD and vice versa.
* You can talk in it on the MUD by doing: sports (msg)
* If you are triggered by sports talk, please type: pref sports off
* A bug with the "colors" command was fixed. To go back to default colors from custom,
  you can now do color defaults. This command was not working before.

11/15/2022: Version 2.56c
* All existing Linothan Paladins get the ability lay on hands now. The initial
  skill level will be your current lvl x 9.
* Some output typos for drain damage were fixed in the combat system.
* Some changes have been made to the luck function to stop or minimize some
  of the rampant spell failure crap. Most notably, the amount of coins carried before 
  affecting luck has been increased by a factor of 10; Also allowances for ARES clerics
  and their alignment, as well as being opitmized better for liches. Please monitor 
  it and give feedback so we can adjust it further if necessary. Mudmail Ocelot.
* Mages and Liches now always will default to 3 teleports allowed per day. To get
  more than that, you need to keep raising your translocation magic skill.
* STAFF: The *computeluck command has been added. *dmh computeluck

11/06/2022: Version 2.56b
* Linothan Paladins now can lay on hands, but just new ones for the moment.
* Code changes are in the works to fix it also for existing ones.

10/31/2022: Version 2.56b
* HAPPY HALLOWEEN WEEK and RoH Anniversary!
* Going forward, bonus XP for Halloween will be for a whole week after.
* The new Highport Aerodrome has been opened. You can find it looking all
  the way south on Frizzet Street in Highport.   

07/05/2022: Version 2.56b
* Highport Mystical Potions now sells bluish potions (cure-poison)

06/11/2022: Version 2.56b
* Every shop now also doubles as a pawn shop.

04/30/2022: Version 2.54g
* The berserk ability has been updated.
* You can now flee when berserked, but you lose berserk when fleeing.
* Default time for berserk is now reduced to 8min from 10min.
* After level 7, the wait time between berserk gradually decreases the higher the
  player's berserk skill is.
* Berserking players are now immune to fear and scare spells.
* Going berserk will end the following effects: fear, hold-person
* Going berserk will immediately break a player out of any stun, whether it be
  circle, stun spell, or otherwise.
* Alignment restrictions for Ares clerics for berserk have been removed.
* Berserk length has been increased to 2:30 for berserkers and 2:00 for
  Ares clerics.
* Berserking Ares clerics increase in strength the same amount as a berserker now.

04/25/2022: Version 2.54g
* The high level restrictions in Goatboy's House of Pleasure have been removed.

04/21/2022: Version 2.54g
* Paladin "hands" ability now is back to using the Paladin's level to decide
  the amount of healing it does, instead of hands skill level. Using hands on 
  self is now every 10m from 20m. Some of the output has changed as well, primarily
  allowing paladins to now see how many hp have been healed.
* DeathKnight "harm" ability is now back to using the DK's level to decide
  the amount of damage done, instead of harm skill level. Some outputs also were
  changed in the spirit of overall flavor updates.
* Max dimensional anchors allowed has been raised to 5 from 3. help anchor
* Max teleports allowed for mage/lich has been adjusted to be transocation 
  skill/5. The higher the translocation skill, the more teleports are available per 
* Outputs for "pray" have been significantly updated and now vary depending
  on a cleric or paladin's deity. Outside of that, pray has not changed otherwise.
* The "who" command will now sort players by their underlying IP, making it
  simpler to identify unique individuals rather than just a jumble of players and
  their bots. The same was done for /who on discord.

04/12/2022: Version 2.54f
* A portal to Schnai Village is now in the Highport Wizards' Guild
  portal room up in the south tower. Should make it easier for berserkers
  to go level there until we can get the Schnai area more fleshed out and
  get other transport to it.

04/11/2022: Version 2.54f
* A "garbage in garbage out" bug with max bulk was fixed. Large and huge sizes
  will now reflect the correct max bulk.

04/09/2022: Version 2.54e
* A new combat preference to clear target on flee has been added.

04/08/2022: Version 2.54d
* Player max allowed bulk and max allowed weight carried have been
  increased by 50%.

04/07/2022: version 2.54c
* The "checksaves" command has been put in to allow people to see the
  progress of their various save gains. help checksaves
* Save gain output will also now tell you when you've reached the last 
  gain and indicate that the save will no longer go up until leveling.

04/05/2022: version 2.54b
* Doors, if closed and not locked, will now automatically open if you 
  go to them.
* The chkSave() function, which controls saving throw checks, has been
  tweaked to allow saves to go up more often. In addition, all save
  increases are logged now for data gathering purposes. Please see the
  code on github if you want to delv further into it. It's pretty well
  documented in there.
* An exit flag has been added in order to be able to flag certain
  hidden exits to not be remembered under rare circumstances such as
  when an exit might be in the same room but may not always be in the
  same place in the room. An example of this would be a hidden exit in 
  a place like the ethereal plane.

03/20/2022: version 2.53
* The kenku race is now playable and can be chosen on character
  creation. Please help kenku for more information.
* The town of Tokoki Peak has been opened up for play and exploration.
  A portal room has been placed in the south tower of the Hightport Wizards' 
  Guild. You can find the shimmering door and use the portals in there to get 
  back and forth from Tokoki Peak. This is the kenku race starting area. Please
  report any bugs/building problems to Funbad.
* For the time being, due to some kind of strange issues, Tokoki Peak
  will not show up on the overland. We are unable to edit the map at the moment.
  We are working to get that problem resolved.

03/18/2022: version 2.52d
* A durability bar has been added to the "equipment" command. You can
  type "pref durability" to enable it.
* A crash bug during character creation was fixed.
* Going forward, any hidden, concealed, or invisible exits you use, your
  character will permanently remember where they are. No need to find them again.
  Remembered exits will have an "h" for hidden, "c" for concealed, or "*" for 
  invisible. The same goes for exits where you need fly to get to. They will 
  show up as "fly". For example: door(h), door(c), door(*), door(fly)

03/08/2022: version 2.52d
* The code for the "changestats" command (HELP CHANGESTATS) has
  been re-written, compliments of Arikin. Thank you, Arikin.
* Some code involving handling wildcards in the socials XML file
  was altered to add some more functionality. If you ever want any new
  socials added, please mudmail Ocelot at any time with output examples 
  of what you have in mind.

03/05/2022: version 2.52d
* Weapons will no longer shatter unless set to automatically crit.
* Restrictions on mudmailing staff have been removed. Everybody can
  mudmail DMs/CTs again now.

03/02/2022: version 2.52b
* Restrictions on multi-logging have been relaxed. All people can log
  on up to six characters now.
* A bug that was breaking the camouflage effect was fixed.

03/01/2022: version 2.52a
* Halflings have infravision now.
* A bug with pray, strength, and other stat enhancing spells/abilities
  has been fixed.
* A bug with poison and disease, which was limiting their effects to
  only one pulse, has been fixed.
* Long and short descriptions can no longer be cleared. It was decided
  since it is 2022 and there is no more dial-up to connect, that it was
  high time to remove this feature.
* A flag has been added in order to make it possible to flag some exits
  as immune to the knock spell.
* The builder channel now casts to discord and vice versa.

02/07/2022: version 2.51a
* Quest "Derlith's Best Hashish", given by wacky weedus dealers, is now
  offered daily instead of weekly. 

02/02/2022: version 2.51a
* A bug was fixed with player run shops where buying some items with
  longer than usual names would cause a crash.

10/22/2021: version 2.51
* Druids and rangers now automatically learn the track spell at level 10.

10/16/2021: version 2.50
* New pager for help files, quests, recipes, etc has been added.
  The pager is not currently configurable, and will default to your terminal
  height, as reported by your client, as the size of a page to use.

  If you notice any bugs, or have suggestions for improvement, please report 
  them to Bane.
* Modernized a lot of old code, mainly around strings --> string_view. There
  might be a few latent crash bugs due to this, but they should be fixed pretty
  quickly.  Report any issues to Bane.

10/06/2021: version 2.47n
* Max bots allowed is now 6, from 3. HELP BOTTING.
* New weapon group added: flails. See HELP WEAPONDETAILS for
  more information. Some weapons in the game named flails are still
  in the mace group. We will be fixing them as time permits.
* Newbie weapons added for arcane-weapon and divine-weapon, as
  well as for flails.
* Some minor back-end and administratively functional bugs were 
  also fixed. Shout out to Arikin for help with the code.

09/24/2021: version 2.47n
* Recent problems with lore/limited items should  now be resolved.
  If you find any more, say something in gossip with relevant details.

09/22/2021: version 2.47n
* A change has been made to bags of holding. They are now lore items, limit 2.
* More discord integration has been added. You can now do /who in discord and
  see who all is currently online, regardless of invisible/misted status.

09/17/2021: version 2.47m
* Players will no longer drop their wielded weapon(s) when fleeing. No
  more needing to remove them before attempting to flee!
* Carried items dissolving from acid traps and attacks has been severely 
  curtailed. There is now only a 10% chance, modified by dexterity bonus, of 
  players' inventories even being gone through. In addition, bags now only have 
  a .25% chance of acid checking to dissolve them. After that, it's only 4%
  that it will actually happen. If your bag gets dissolved by an acid trap or 
  attack, you are a VERY VERY unlucky person.
* MUD channels gossip, newbie, broadcast, and broademote are integrated
  now into our discord site. You can now see those channels when on discord.
  More integration, like things happening in game, such as leveling, logging
  on/off, deaths, perm deaths, being worked on. It's an ongoing
  process. The RoH discord is at:

09/13/2021: version 2.47l
* All clerics and druids of level 1+ now automatically have the 
  vigor spell.
* All liches and mages (if mage is the first class, in the case
  of multi-class) of level 1+ now automatically have the armor spell 
  and the magic-missile spell.
* Starting weapons for the "sling" and "knife" skills were added.
* The armor spell (HELP ARMOR) has been fixed and redone in
  multiple ways. Mages, multi-class mages, and liches can now use
  this spell. See the above help file for more details.
* For now, Elves can no longer choose cleric at character creation.
  HINT: We are working on Mara and Linothan clerics ;)
* Liches will always have Highport as their sole starting location 
  going forward. (for now)

09/10/2021: version 2.47l
* The quests command has been updated to show if a quest is
  *Offered daily*, *Offered weekly*, or *Offered Always*. 
  In addition, if a quest can only be repeated a certain number of
  times, it will show up as *Repeatable Limited*.
* Two new weapon skills have been added to the game: arcane-weapon
  and divine-weapon. Please HELP WEAPONDETAILS to learn more
  about these new skills. Several are implemented in the new Eldwyn
  Isle area, and in Eldinwood. Over time, more will spread across the
  rest of Derlith.
* A bug was resolved which was causing mobs which only come out
  in the night or day to wander in the middle of combat when the sun 
  came up or set. They will only do that now if they are not in combat 
  with something else in their room.

09/08/2021: version 2.47l
* A player's autoattack "target" will now automatically
  be cleared after killed by a monster.
* Storage room and storage key costs have been reduced by 86%.

09/06/2021: version 2.47l
* Going forward, half-elves, gnomes, and half-orcs now have 
  infravision (can see in the dark.)

09/04/2021: version 2.47l
* New elves now start in Eldinwood. Linothan paladins also 
  start in Eldinwood. New half-elves have the options of Highport,
  Sigil, or Eldinwood. 
* Barbarians now have permanent "warmth" effect due to their
  robustness being from the frozen tundra around Schnai.
* The "ring" and "scale" armor types have been added to the game.
  All classes that can use chain can also use scale and ring.
  For current players, initial skill value in these will be set to 10% 
  less than the current "chain" skill. After that, they go up as normal. 
  For armor strength order, plate > chain > scale > ring > leather > cloth. 
  Over time, more "ring" and "scale" armor will be added to the game.
* A new monster flag was added that can be set to make select
  monsters/perms immune to the harm spell if deemed necessary.
* Going forward, the version numbers in this file have been fixed 
  to correctly correspond with the version number shown on the initial 
  login splash screen.

09/02/2021: version 2.47k
* The Isle of Eldwyn has appeared in northeast Derlith.
  It contains Eldinwood, orcs, and much more to explore.
* Over 200 new items, NPCs & mobs have been added.  
* Over 70 new quests have been added.
* A high level area is included for brave adventurers of Eldwyn.
* The Schnai Barbarians have relocated to the frozen north.
* Gnomebarrow has relocated to northeast Derlith.
* The Airship Challenger now travels to Eldywn, Gnomebarrow,
  and the Kab'tung Oasis.
* Vampire Courts have been added.
* Many new factions have been added. Type factions to check.

08/09/2021: version 2.47z
* The Southbeach Cliffs are now open for exploration
  somewhere off to the west from Highport Southbeach Park.
* New NPCs and mobs have been added with multiple quests.
* Orlick the Sorceror has been training relentlessly.
* A new art studio is now open in Highport Entertainment Alley.
* High level boundries for Entertainment Alley have been removed.
* A research annex room has been added in the HP Wizards' Guild
  south tower.
* There is also a new guard station near Highport's SW gate.

08/04/2021: version 2.47z
* A new south tower has been opened in the
  Highport Wizards' Guild. There are many new shops
  and other interesting things there! Please report
  any bugs or weirdness so we can fix them!

09/28/2020: version 2.47z
* The elder women of the Ogre village in Morgtala
have had enough of the recent violence perpetrated
by outsiders visiting the village.

09/04/2020: version 2.47z
* Bard identify skill has been updated.
* Timer is now 45sec for both failure and success.

08/23/2020: version 2.47y
* The mob "homosexual goblin" has been renamed to "horny goblin."
* Description and talk/attack strings changed accordingly.
* It's 2020 now. :P

05/24/2020: version 2.47y
* Matron Mother Ki'naere in Oakspire has received upgrades.

05/20/2020: version 2.47x
* Liches can now enchant up to +4 the same as Mages.

05/12/2020: version 2.47w
* A questing bug which was stopping some repeatable quests has been fixed.
* Some quests can now alter a player's alignment upon completion.
* (Staff): Problems with the online overland map editor have been resolved.

05/04/2020: version 2.47v
* The Kab'Tung Oasis area has been expanded and several quests added.
* A crash bug caused by conjured pets casting bogus spells was fixed.
* Traffic for the hellbog has been increased significantly.

04/21/2020: version 2.47u
* The detect-hidden spell (HELP DETECTHIDDEN) now finds concealed exits too.
* A bug was fixed with mob's drain experience special attack that added millions
* of experience to players sometimes.

04/06/2020: version 2.47t
* Botting and multi-logging are allowed now with certain limits.
* HELP BOTTING for more information.

03/28/2020: version 2.47t
* New rooms have opened up on the roof of the Dark Temple in Highport.

10/29/2019: version 2.47s
* The Tree of the Dead has returned to the Highport Graveyard.

02/08/2019: version 2.47r
* Some additional beginning level armor is now for sale around Highport.
* Norm's Armor Emporium is on Trade Street South.
* You can find Erasmus' Fine Threads in the Highport Wizards' Guild
* For liches, you can find that Jett the Mad Alchemist's lab is now
  also a shop.

02/05/2019: version 2.47r
* Instability caused by the nexus has opened some strange rifts across
  Derlith. As a result, an increase in the population of somewhat confused
  or insane creatures from the elemental planes may be observed. Be wary. 

01/24/2019: version 2.47r
* Death knight "harm" ability is now every 10min from 30min.
* Failed harms now can be re-tried after 45sec.
* Harm damage has been increased slightly.
* Paladin lay on hands "hands" ability is now every 20min.
* Hands amount healing has also been increased in line with harm.

01/19/2019: version 2.47q
* Liches can now regenerate in combat with monsters.
* The timer has been re-adjusted to 45sec if done in mob combat.
* Outside of mob combat, the timer is 1:15sec.
* Lich drain ability damage has been increased as well.
* The drain timer is also now 45sec.
* The HP gained from drain damage is now set to 1/3 from 1/2.

01/17/2019: version 2.47p
* Monk meditate used in combat now can be done every 40sec.
* Outside of combat, meditate remains 1:30sec, and it now also adds MP.
* In addition, the amount healed has also been increased when out of combat.
* Touch-of-death has been fixed to allow it to be tried again 25sec after any 
  failed attempt. This was modified to make it realistic for the skill to be 
  able to be raised. Other commands like this are now being looked at being 
  fixed as well. HELP MEDITATE to read more.

12/26/18: version 2.47o
* Half-Giants can now see in the dark (infravision).
* Holiday XP bonus has now been generally increased from 10% to 50%. (New Years next) 

05/05/18: version 2.47n
 * Goatboy's House of Pleasure is now open in Highport. Look on Trade Steet.

03/30/18: version 2.47m
 * The orcs of the firedrakes and Fort Baladus ruins have been updated, along with new factions.
 * The frost giants of Kesh and the hill giants near Breakwater Point have been updated.
 * The Hellbog is open for exploration. Several new quests can be found on NPCs in Highport.

03/13/18: version 2.47L
 * The Dark Carnival has opened its tents to all. Use the SHIPS command to find it.
 * The LICH class is now available during character creation again.

02/25/18: version 2.47k
 * The lich class ability drain can now be used again while in combat. 
 * The werewolf class ability maul can now be used again while in combat.

02/11/18: version 2.47j
 * The "look" command will now identify the minimum skill proficiency required for
   weapons and armor, assuming a skill restriction is set on the item.

02/12/17: version 2.47i
 * Quest givers and quest completion NPCS should be much more obvious now.
   Look for the yellow exclamation marks (!) for NPCs with quests available
   to you, and yellow question marks (?) for NPCs you can complete quests with that
   you have completed all of the requirements for.  Daily/weekly quests will be shown
   in green instead.

   Greyed out !'s and ?'s mean you don't currently meet the requirements.

12/22/16: version 2.47g

 * Radical witch hunters have fortified a church in a small coastal village to 
   defend against an incursion of evil wicker creatures who infest the woods 
   outside, as well as goatfolk who worship them, and spirits that haunt the 
   village and possess its citizens. 
   That's right! The village of Cape Joy has now opened as a new area of 
   exploration for players in the 20 - 30 level range. 
   Head to Sigil and look for a new house where you'll find a certain 
   retired knight who can provide you with more information and direction.

03/23/13: Version 2.47d
  * Autattack has been reworked, it will now attack as soon as your
   weapon delay is up.  Flee no longer attempts to flee immediately, but sets
   your character as 'fleeing' and will attempt to flee until successful. 
   There is still a delay on fleeing after attacking but you will no longer see
   the 'Please wait' message, it will just flee when the wait is over.

10/02/12: Version 2.47b
  * Memory leaks and bug fixes.  Added the levelhistory command;
   All information was converted at the time of first logging into the mud
   after version 2.47b and level times will be accurate after the date listed at the top
   of the command.

05/10/12: Version 2.47a
  * Weapon skills have been adjusted.  All specific weapon skills are
   now "known" only and feed off of their base skill. Base skills have been
   set at the skill level of the highest subcategory.

   For example:
    You need to learn Hammers and Maces to use those specific weapons, but
    they will now both use the "Crushing Weapons" skill instead of having
    a different skill level for each sub category.

   Please note, training a brand new weapon category will now start at 1
   skill, irregardless of level, so there is no longer any incentive to 
   save weapon trains.

03/16/12: Version 2.47
  * Disease, creeping-doom, and festering wounds have been fixed
   and are now again causing damage.

  * Proxy access to your character has been implemented, see 
   help proxy for more details.

  * The ability to create werewolves and liches has been removed.
   Existing liches and werewolves will remain for the time being, but will
   likely be transformed into a mage/monk of equivalent level in the future.
   Lycanthropy will be reintroduced in the future as an affliction that
   other classes may catch, and liches will be reintroduced as a ritual
   that high level casters undergo to transform their character.

  * The Pureblood class has been renamed to Pureblood.
03/08/12: Version 2.46j
  * Significant behind the scene changes for stats, they're now far
    more resilient and flexible.  With the redesign we'll be able to
    easily add in stat modifying armor, or even permanent stat raises
    from quests.

  * The ability for monsters and shops to sell casts of spells
    has been implemented.  Currently surgeons in the Highport Clinic
    offer the bless and protection spell.  Various monsters around
    the world will be given spells of varying potency and varying price.
    In the future price will likely be level based.

02/02/12: Version 2.46j
  * A simple compare command has been put in to compare weapons and

02/01/12: Version 2.46j
  * Automatic targeting his been put in.  When you perform an offensive
    action against a monster, and you currently have no target, you will
    automatically target the monster you just attacked.  To disable this
    use "clear autotarget"

01/23/12: Version 2.46j
  * Groups have been upgraded.  See help group for more details.
    As a side effect, pets are only in the group when you are grouped
    with other players.  For pet users to see your pets, use the "pet"
    command with no arguments.
  * Output parsing has been slightly overhauled and new mxp tags
    are being put in.  If you experience any wrapping issues please
    let Bane know and provide a screenshot. 

01/13/12: Version 2.46h
  * The new threat system is now live!  Monsters will attack the player
    with the highest threat instead of the last person to hit them.
    Threat is currently based 1:1 on damage done or healing done, but
    will be extended to other non damaging abilities such as circle as 
    time goes on. Additionally, the amount of threat gained will be 
    monitored and adjusted. 

    One other change with this is pet classes can no longer get more
    than 100% of the experience for a monster and any exp gains they
    earn from their pet will now just show up as experience they earned
    instead of experience their pet earned for them.

01/07/12: Version 2.46g

  * Monsters with weapon vulnerabilities/resists/immunities have now
    been fixed and should be modifying damage as intended.

12/30/11: Version 2.46d
  * Offensive spells now work with targeting (see help target), if
    you want to cast them on yourself use a period "." as the target.

    If any have been missed, please report it on the forums

  * You can now specify at what line length you would like the mud
    to wrap lines, or if you prefer you can tell it never to wrap lines
    and let your client do all of the work. (This would make it easier
    to make a trigger capture the entire text of a gossip for example,
    because you would no longer have to worry about newlines, however
    your mud client would still wrap the text so it would still display
    nicely)  See help telnet
  * Out of Band communication (MSDP/ATCP) havs been added to the game.
    This will allow us to make some pseudo-gui clients that
    automatically update health, mana, experience etc.  See the forum
    for more details.

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