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Cambion Roleplaying Notes

First off, read the section about cambions in the Book of Knowledge. That
will give you a good idea to begin with.

Cambions do not always know of their demonic halves at birth. However, they
often have horrible childhoods due to them having odd pointed ears, small
horns, or unusual skin color. Some even have small tails or claws. Of
course this results in much ridicule by the community, and even banishment
in most cases. Cambions are accepted far more in the northern parts of
Derlith (near Caladon and Drakken Port) then anywhere in the south.
However, there will be "purist" racists anywhere they go.

As a result of their bad childhoods, most cambions grow up with a chip on
their shoulders and turn to a life of crime, as they are not allowed into
any other profession. As they are exceptionally more intelligent then
average humans, they often become the leaders of gangs and various other
criminal organizations. Cambions also often choose to become mages or
clerics of Aramon, and do very well due to their vast intellectual

Cambion women are ALWAYS seductive and beautiful. They have a strange
attraction about them which is always used to influence any human males
they encounter. Cambion males are also quite handsome, but they do not have
the same effect on human females.

Cambions always have a superior attitude toward others, and almost ALWAYS
follow the view that the weak must be destroyed so that the stronger should
rule. As a result of similar attitudes but having different reasons for
those attitudes, cambions often despise elves and vice versa. Whereas a
cambion believes only the strong shall rule at the expense of the weak,
elves generally believe that the weak and old must be protected from the
strong, and that they have rights.

In Caladon, cambions are revered as divine in some cases by the peasants
there. They are ALWAYS treated as nobility, and are shown every respect.
The Devil Knights prefer to recruit cambions more then any other race. Some
political appointments or other important positions in the city require a
person to be a cambion and not simply a mere human. By far, there are many
more cambions in the north then the south for obvious reasons. Demons walk
freely in the city of Caladon.

In Sigil, however, cambions are viewed as spawns of evil by the people
there. As mentioned, the majority of the south is very racist in regards to
humanity, so cambions often cover their features there or travel by night.

If there is ever any kind of major planning to do for anything, a cambion
is the right person for their job. Their minds are very objective and
analytical, and they care little for the feelings for others. This is
another reason they make very good leaders, as they are able to make
decisions very quickly without being bogged down by ideological
considerations. Of course this sometimes can be bad, but if you want
action, a cambion is the correct leader to have. Because of their
philosophy of the strong must prevail, cambions often are able to lead vast
numbers of orcs under their command, as orcs function in the same manner.
Dark elves also welcome cambions into their homes, a very rare thing indeed
for such a racist people to do. Dark elf and cambion philosophy is very
similar, so they are often found allying together in battle or politically.

Above all, however, a cambion is a master chameleon of personality.
Depending on the occasion at hand, a cambion can be as savage as a group of
goblins, or even behave with the etiquette required of the richest noble
courts. They are master deceivers and manipulators, and often are able to
sway even the most stubborn dwarf to their wishes.

Although most cambions are found in professions such as thieves, assassins,
dark clerics, death knights, and fighters, some others are possible as
well. However, most cambions in other professions are often quite insane.
For example: A cambion ranger would constantly insist on protecting the
forest, and persecuting those which damage it, but would at the same time
have an intense good time torturing small animals to death since they are
weaker then themselves. It would be quite a paradox.

Cambions are indifferent to Seraphs, and treat them as similarly as they
would treat any other race which they find to be weaker then themselves.

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