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If you are in a shop, you may purchase an item for sale with the buy
command. First use the LIST command to see what is for sale, and then
purchase it with this command. Please note that when you use the buy
command only the word that directly follows it is interpreted, so if you
typed "buy leather boots," it would not care what followed the word
"leather". This could cause you pain if there were several leather items
for sale, because "buy leather" will buy you the first leather item on the
list. To avoid this problem, either use "buy boots" or "buy leather 2"
where leather boots is the second leather item for sale.

You may also use the buy command to purchase items from monsters who sell

To buy from a player store, you must type # before the item number. For
example, "buy #26".

: list
You may buy:
   Some climbing boots                Cost: 50
   A climbing rope                    Cost: 300
   A small sack                       Cost: 50
   A torch                            Cost: 15
   A wick lantern                     Cost: 100

: buy cli 2
You bought a climbing rope.

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