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Bulk is sort of like weight, but it is a measure of mass. You may have
noticed how in Mordor, you can pick up like twelve full suits of armor and
carry them around, or hold like fourty healing potions. That's simply
retarded. Bulk is a system to be put in place which will keep this kind of
thing from happening.

A player's bulk is based upon the size of the race they choose - the bigger
the race, the more bulk you may have in your inventory. Since the max bulk
for each size class may change from time to time as we iron it out, you may
see your max bulk when you type "info". It will be in perenthesis next to
Inventory Bulk, which tells you the total bulk of all the items in your
inventory and worn. Here are some things to know about how the game
calculates your current bulk:

1) Max bulk you can carry has NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR STATS IN ANY WAY. It
   only is based on your race's size.
2) Worn items count as half their normal bulk, unless they are rings, which
   never count toward bulk when worn.
3) The bulk of items in bags is not counted. Only the bulk of the bag is
   counted toward calculated bulk.

When putting items in bags, by default, an item with a greater bulk than
the bag cannot be put inside that bag. Some bags will have magical
enchantements that will allow this to be done however, such as a bag of
holding, or a portable hole. These items will be rare, however. As well,
some bags will have a specifically set max allowed bulk of an item which
can be put inside them.

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