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The backstab command is usable only by thieves and assassins, and allows
them to do 2-3 times more damage than normal with sharp or thrusting
weapons. The thief or assassin must be hidden in order for a backstab to
work, and if he or she fails, then they are considered vulnerable and will
have to wait 3 times the normal amount of time before attacking again.
Backstab can only be used to initiate combat, not once the monster is
already attacking you.

  backstab <monster/player> [#]
  bs <monster/player> [#]


: hide
You attempt to hide in the shadows.
You slip into the shadows unnoticed.
: bs win
You attempt to backstab the wino.
You backstabbed the wino for 54 damage.
You killed the wino.
You gained 6 experience for the death of the wino.

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