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MP cost: all
School:  Not Castable
Domain:  Evil

This spell allows a cleric of the god Aramon to infuse undead players with
new blood, thus nearly erasing their last non-pkill death, including all
losses associated with it. The cleric must be substantially high level in
order to cast this spell. Aramon grants the spell automatically upon
leveling to twenty-two. The spell is detrimental to the caster; they will
fall unconscious for 1 minute and be unable to tick mana for 20 minutes
online. The target's death sickness duration will be reduced to one-third.

This spell must be cast upon a player while they are STILL IN LIMBO. If
they leave limbo, they cannot be bloodfused. This spell will only work on
vampires and liches.

NOTE: You can only cast bloodfusion OR be bloodfused, once every real 24
      hours time. Only 80% of lost experience is restored.

### Sadly, Bob was killed by a wino.
: c bloodfus bob
You cast a bloodfusion spell on Bob.
### Min just fused Bob with new blood!
You collapse from exhaustion.

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