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Commands: balance, deposit, transfer, withdraw, statement, deletestatement

These commands are used in banks only. Most of them are self
explanatory. While in banks, you can check your balance,
deposit or withdraw gold, transfer gold, check your transaction
history by looking at a bank statement, and also you can clear
your statement. The statement works much like mail. Funds may
be tranferred to people while they are offline as well as
online. If they are online, they will see a message that you
transferred gold to their account.

: deposit $1000
You give the bank teller 1000 gold coins.
The bank teller says, "Your balance is now 1000 gold coins"
: balance
The bank teller says, "Your current balance is: 1000 gold coins."
: withdraw $500
The bank teller gives you 500 gold coins.
The bank teller says, "Your balance is now 500 gold coins"
: transfer $250 bane
The bank tellers transfers 250 gold coins from your account to Bane's.
The bank teller says, "Your balance is now 250 gold coins"
: statement
The bank teller shows you your bank statement:
Sat Jul 10 15:08:41 1999: DEPOSIT: 1000 [Balance: 1000]
Sat Jul 10 15:09:30 1999: WITHDRAW: 500 [Balance: 500]
Sat Jul 10 15:10:12 1999: TRANSFER to Bane: 250 [Balance: 250]
: deletestatement
Statement deleted.

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