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Bandage is a command used in order to heal wounds with bandages you may
find or buy. Different bandages may heal for more then others. A bandage
item doesnt have to be a "bandage" per say, but can also have the same
effect. For example, a healing salve, ointment, or a healing gem. Whether
the item is an actual bandage or not, the bandage command is used to
activate it. You may bandage yourself or a target monster or player.
Bandaging cannot be done while in combat.

  bandage (bandagetype)
  bandage (target) (bandagetype)

: i
You have a healing salve, a blackened-steel eviscerator.
: bandage salve
You regain 12 hit points.
: band high salv
The Highport guardsman regains 10 hit points.
: band bob salv
Bob regains 7 hit points.

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