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Assassin Roleplaying Notes

Assassins are a shadowy lot, stalking through the nights, searching after
their victims. The night is their friend, as it easily hides their identify
and keeps their targets from knowing the assassin is there until it is too
late. Assassins also prefer to work in cities, obviously, as there aren't
too many people to be murdered out in the countryside. They also work by
strict contracts and will usually only have one employer, since issues of
loyalty can get pretty complicated if the two employers start having
problems with each other. Assassins usually do not care about their target
- they kill for money, and that is that.

Depending on the target, the social status of an assassin can appear to be
anything from a lowly beggar to a respected noble. He only need fool those
around him long enough until his job is done and he is long gone. Assassins
are masters of disguise and stealth and prefer to strike from the shadows,
yet often are skilled enough in their weapons to take down people who don't
succumb to their tricky ways. Poison is the assassin's friend because it is
effect and the murderer need not be in the area when the victim dies. In
fact, the poison could be administered days ahead and the assassin can sit
back and wait for it to do its dirty work.

All in all, assassins are generally a cold, detatched lot. Death and murder
is simply a part of life - there's no need to get emotional about it. Most
assassins don't get emotionally involved with their targets, and when they
do, it's usually in the form of anger or resentment. Assassins also prefer
to work in organizations, but when it comes to the actual murder they will
almost always work alone. They trust their own skill, and a slip-up from
another party member can mean death or jailtime.

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