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MP cost: 1/level
School:  Abjuration
Domain:  Not Castable
Castable by: Mage, Lich, Multi-class Mage
Syntax: cast armor

When the armor spell is cast, it creates a magical armor barrier around the
caster. This magical shield does not actually absorb damage. Instead, it deflects 
blows and forces misses more often, increasing your armor rating. It is literally
a magical armor barrier. For every hit the caster takes, the magical armor loses 
its integrity. The strength of the armor depends primarily on the caster's class 
and current hit points (SEE BELOW.) When the magical armor takes damage greater 
than or equal to its strength, it will dispel/dissipate. You can see the armor's 
remaining strength when you use the "effects" command. (HELP EFFECTS)

Magical armor initial strength determination:
Mage...................(current hit points) x 2
Lich...................(current hit points) + 30%
Multi-class/Other......(current hit points)
HINT: It is obviously best to be at full hit points when casting this spell.

Mages and multi-class characters (HELP MULTICLASS) with mage as primary class, 
as well as liches, will know the armor spell from the beginning at character creation. 
Others (Fighter/Mage and Thief/Mage) will have to find a scroll and study it in order
to learn the spell. (HELP STUDY)

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