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MP cost: 1/level
School:  Abjuration
Domain:  Not Castable

Armor is a spell castable only by mages and multiclass mages. When cast, it
forms a magical shield around the caster which makes them more difficult to
hit. It does not absorb damage, but instead tends to deflect blows and
force misses more often. As such, it makes default AC start at 6 and not
10. When cast, it can protect from a number of points of damage equal to
the caster's max hit points. Once those "virtual" points are used up, the
armor spell dissipates. It also dissipates over time, longer if the caster
is more intelligent. If the spell is recast, the virtual points are set
back to max.

For example:
Bob the level 10 mage has 50hp and 50mp. In order to cast armor, it costs
him 10mp because he's level 10. The armor spell will protect up to 50
damage before being dispelled, because Bob has 50 max hit points. Note that
the spell doesn't ABSORB damage. It just provides lower AC until it
dissipates from taking damage, or over time.

Note that the spell protects from half as much damage if the caster is
multi-classed. So if Bob was a Fighter/Mage, the spell would only protect
until it took 25 points, not 50.

This spell cannot be cast on anyone but the caster. Note also that the
amount of virtual damage the spell can still take is not displayed.

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