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For help on the alignment command, type HELP ALIGNMENT.

Note: Primarily Paladins, Clerics, Deathknights, and Liches must be concerned
      with alignment.

Every player and monster on the mud has what is called alignment. It ranges
from being evil to neutral to good. A players alignment in the game changes
depending on the monsters you fight. Monsters also range from evil to
neutral to good alignment. Being under the know-aura spell (HELP KNOW-AURA)
allows you see what a monster's alignment is. For example, if the monster
is of blood red, red, reddish or pinkish aura, that means the monster is of evil
alignment. Neutral monsters (neither evil or good) are of a grey aura,
while good monsters are from light blue, to bluish, to plue, to royal blue. The
deeper the aura of the monster, the more evil or good it is. Monsters of a
blood red aura will change your alignment towards being good moreso than
those having a pinkish aura. Some classes must remain a certain alignment,
or their abilities wane. For example Aramon clerics are supposed to remain
evil, therefore the player would always try to attack monsters of a good
alignment (light blue -> royal blue). A paladin on the other hand, must
remain good so they should kill monsters of evil alignment (pinkish ->
blood red).

Alignment changes can also be explained by using numbers where -1000 is the
most evil you can become and 1000 is the most good. -118 to 118 represents
being of neutral alignment:

-1000                    -118 to 118                   1000
Evil                       Neutral                     Good

Colors order of alignment:
blood red --> red --> reddish --> pinkish --> grey <-- lightblue <-- bluish <-- blue <-- royal blue

As well, certain items have auras which will also be shown while under the
know-aura spell. If the item has a red aura (like a sacrificial knife) then
only those who are of evil alignment can wield it. If you're using ANSI
colors and your alignment changes, your status prompt (HP/MP) will change
accordingly. Red prompt means you are evil, white/grey is neutral, and a
blue prompt means you're good.

Should Be Evil:
   Clerics of Aramon
   Clerics of Arachnus

Should Be Neutral:
   Clerics of Ares
   Clerics of Jakar
   Clerics of Gradius (or light blue)

Should Be Good:
   Clerics of Enoch
   Clerics of Linothan
   Clerics of Mara
   Clerics of Kamira

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