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Prime Requisites:

Int, Pie

Clerics on Realms are all of different deities. You must choose which diety you want at character creation. All clerics endeavor to increase the influence of their diety in the world of Derlith. All clerics are able to pray to their diety in order to get increased piety.

The current dieties are:

Cleric of Gradius

Compatable Races:



Derlith's dwarves all follow the god Gradius, their god of mining, metallurgy, earth, and creation. Gradius is a jovial god, known as the best drinker and carouser in the heavens. On Derlith, he seeks to increase his influence primarily through dwarven expansion and building, but also through conquests against evil humanoids such as orcs, goblins, ogres, trolls, and giants. Dwarven clerics of Gradius are second in warfare only to clerics of Ares, and they often are seen at the head of dwarven armies leading in perilous charges, screaming their god's name. Upon reaching certain power, a cleric of Gradius is able to smother opponents with the power of earth. He is also able to conjure creatures of earth to aid and assist him in combat. Healing is not a strong suit of a Gradius cleric, as they are more focused on the areas of warfare and elemental earth magic. Clerics of Gradius will seek to spread their god's influence in any way they can, most often by killing as many orcs, goblins, ogres, giants, and trolls as possible.

Abilities: Pray, Teach, Smother, Conjure (earth only)

Restrictions: Must remain neutral, or powers will wane, sometimes not functioning. Healing magic is penalized.