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Forum post: "Ho Ho Ho!" by nikola in In-Game Discussion

   I hope the few of you who logged in over the last few weeks were able to
   pick up some Halloween treats if you happen to find them...and want
   I also hope you're ready for a Christmas Invasion. In the coming weeks
   Highport will become the centerpiece for an eternal struggle between St.
   Nick and Krampus. The two will square off by waging war with their
   armies of gnomish tinkers, clockwork reindeer, snow elementals, svarte
   piete, and more.
   Those who choose to take up the fight will be rewarded - whether naughty
   or nice :)
   As an aside - I haven't been active the last 10 months or so due to the
   demands of real life but I should have some extra time going forward to
   get this old beast rolling toward its 20th birthday.

Forum post: "Re: Ganks House of Surreptitiously Acquired Goods!" by gank in Igmoo's Ethereal Tradepost


Forum post: "Halloween Store and Event" by nikola in In-Game Discussion

   Hi, my name is...
   Nevermind. The Halloween mask store is open for business northeast of
   the HP clinic and a dastardly villain (and her henchmen) will return to
   spread fear throughout the city. 
   Note: They will be very long timed perms in the HP area.

Forum post: "Re: Reconnecting with my two ex-step brothers." by huklebuc in Non-Game Discussion

   And the award for "Waiting the Longest to Respond" goes to.......

Forum post: "Re: Reconnecting with my two ex-step brothers." by ayla in Non-Game Discussion

   By the way. Bite gave me his password, and then he pissed me off. I like
   the status of some elite hacker, but the truth it was given to me.

Forum post: "Re: This is going to sound weird, but I'm writing a boo" by Jacko in In-Game Discussion

   Everyone on RoH gets a free copy, if that's good enough.
   I'm uploading chapters to this site for free as I go along.
   A young man's virtual life and real life become inextricably entwined
   when a player named Surewinter reaches out to him for help on a popular
   VRPG game, only to be discovered dead the next morning—her body washed
   up face down in a canal.
   Now a suspect, he's forced to navigate Abaddon Online, an illegal
   underground VR game where what's real and what's virtual is sometimes
   hard to discern, and clear his name before he becomes the next victim.
   He must earn the trust of a new guild, grow more powerful by advancing
   in the game as fast as he can, overcome the players set to kill him, and
   keep the true killer from knowing that he's closing in.

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