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Forum post: "Re: Soft Hands" by Ocelot in In-Game Discussion

   Your hands skill is only at fair. That is why you suck at it. It is at
   55/310 (max available right now at level 31)
   We actually recently increased hands hp granted.

Forum post: "Re: Soft Hands" by huklebuc in In-Game Discussion

   You are paying for your faith in the wrong god, foul Enoch!!

Forum post: "Soft Hands" by Bodhi in In-Game Discussion

   My "Hands" sure got weak over the years...
   (104 H 44 M 3107845X): k
   Please wait 0.1 more seconds.
   (104 H 44 M 3107845X): hands
   You heal yourself with the power of Enoch.
   You regain 36 hit points.
   You feel much better now.
   (140 H 44 M 3107845X): k
   Players currently online:
    C Bodhi the Human Phoenix Knight (Enoch)

Forum post: "Re: Recent Outage" by huklebuc in Announcements

   We all know it was Dom's cat!
    :evil:  :evil:  :evil:

Forum post: "Recent Outage" by Ocelot in Announcements

   Sorry folks. Dallas got nailed with massive storms a couple days ago,
   and it knocked out the power in my place for a cpl days. MUD should be
   back now and back to normal.

Forum post: "Re: New socials! Taking requests!!!" by Ocelot in In-Game Discussion

   More new socials:
   bellow	loogie
   bottle	mwalk
   brush	nails
   bump	nipple
   cartwheel	pluck
   clobber	rat
   club	shame
   dap	shave
   deranged	shy
   ear	sweep
   gargle	tie
   hair	unhinged
   headstand	vex
   hex	wrinkle
   jinx	yoga

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