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Forum post: "Ho Ho Ho!" by nikola in In-Game Discussion

   I hope the few of you who logged in over the last few weeks were able to
   pick up some Halloween treats if you happen to find them...and want
   I also hope you're ready for a Christmas Invasion. In the coming weeks
   Highport will become the centerpiece for an eternal struggle between St.
   Nick and Krampus. The two will square off by waging war with their
   armies of gnomish tinkers, clockwork reindeer, snow elementals, svarte
   piete, and more.
   Those who choose to take up the fight will be rewarded - whether naughty
   or nice :)
   As an aside - I haven't been active the last 10 months or so due to the
   demands of real life but I should have some extra time going forward to
   get this old beast rolling toward its 20th birthday.

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