Book of Knowledge

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Prime Requisites:

Int, Pie

Compatable Races:

Barbarian, Cambion, Dark-Elf, Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Goblin, Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Orc, Halfling, Human, Kataran, Kobold, Minotaur, Ogre, Orc, Seraph, Tiefling, Troll

A mage is the user of magic, the powerful wielder of the arcane arts. At low levels a mage is not very powerful, but at higher levels, he may control powerful magic which may destroy all in his path. A single spell from a mage is often able to do massive damage to an enemy. A mage's learning of arcane arts is so intense, that he may detect the presence of magic around him at all times. When he becomes powerful enough, he gains the power to temporarily enchant items. A mage is also a superb teacher, able to instruct beginning pupils in some low level magical abilities. When he reaches a certain level of magical ability, a mage may recharge items such as wands and staves. He does this by transmuting gold into magical energy. The amount of power in the magical item determines the amount of gold needed. The center of power for the mage on Derlith is in the Highport Wizards' Guild. There, all arcane knowledge is stored throughout the land. A society of mages exists which most mages are able to join, yet this is not required.

Abilities: Teach, Transmute, Enchant, Always detects magic