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Multi-class characters are a common thing in standard D&D, so we thought we'd try to port them into Mordor. While there are big benefits to being multi-class, most noteably being able to have alot of the abilities of both classes, there are also penalties - the primary one being that multi-class characters automatically receieve 1/2 the exp from everything. Therefore, it takes them 2x as long to level. In addition, while multi-class characters have abilities in both their classes, the abilities are not always as strong as a full person of that class would be in them. For instance, when stealing, a fighter/thief is not as good as a pure thief of the same level, and he can't ever steal gold. In some cases, an ability might not even be available. To use the above example, a fighter/thief is unable to bash.

It is strongly suggested that only veteran players attempt to level one of these classes, as they will be quite taxing to level. Once they are high level, though, they will be incredibly cool and well-rounded classes. The following is a list of the multi-class combinations available at character creation. These are the only ones available for right now. More may be added at a later date.

Note: Initial HP/MP is always the average of the normal alotted to each class.
Note2: Stat and save adjustments per level has been customized for each of these combinations.
Note3: All ability benefits and restrictions are not mentioned here. You will need to find out some for yourselves.
Note4: All multi-class chars train at the location of their first class.


Compatable Races:

Dark-Elf, Dwarf, Elf, Goblin, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Halfling, Kataran, Kobold, Orc, Tiefling

HP/lvl: 6
MP/lvl: 2
Thac0: Fighter

A fighter/thief is usually a fighter that started out trying to be a thief at a young age and gained some skills in that profession, and then moved on to just be a fighter because they liked focusing more on fighting skills than thieving. A fighter/thief can pick locks, peek, steal, backstab, sneak, and hide just like a thief can, although not as well. Fighter/thieves are also required to wear light armor, and they are unable to bash, and do not circle as well as a pure fighter.