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Prime Requisites:

Int, Pie

Clerics on Realms are all of different deities. You must choose which diety you want at character creation. All clerics endeavor to increase the influence of their diety in the world of Derlith. All clerics are able to pray to their diety in order to get increased piety.

The current dieties are:

Cleric of Kamira

Compatable Races:

Gnome, Half-Elf, Halfling, Human

Kamira is Derlith's goddess of merriment, adventure, thieves, gambling, and excitement. She is all about having a good time at all costs. Her priesthood is completely chaotic, being one huge long party whenever any clerics are awake and not unconscious. She is also the goddess of luck, and many wish the luck of Kamira on their allies before battle or some other risky endeavor. Clerics of Kamira are said to be unnaturally lucky. So much so, that nobody will gamble with them, and in some places it's even illegal! They also have a tendancy to "borrow" things and give them to the poor, or otherwise to play practical jokes on people, so they are fully versed in the ability to steal. Clerics of Kamira are good of heart, and must remain so, or their power with the goddess will wane. They are some of the best explorers in the land, able to search almost as well as some rangers, and to hide as well as a thief. At a certain point, they even learn to pick locks. The enemy of a cleric of Kamira is anybody not out to have a good time.

Abilities: Pray, Teach, Pick, Peek, Steal, naturally lucky, search and hide well

Restrictions: Must remain good, or powers will wane, Must wear light armor, no missile weapons.