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Prime Requisites:

Int, Pie

Clerics on Realms are all of different deities. You must choose which diety you want at character creation. All clerics endeavor to increase the influence of their diety in the world of Derlith. All clerics are able to pray to their diety in order to get increased piety.

The current dieties are:

Cleric of Enoch

Compatable Races:

Half-Elf, Half-Giant, Half-Orc, Human, Kataran, Seraph


Enoch is Derlith's god of martial righteousness, truth, justice, and paladins. He seeks to spread his influence however possible by helping the weak and oppressed, by showing them his light and the singular truth of his ways. Clerics of Enoch seek to convert all people to follow the beliefs of Enoch, and they will openly fight if necessary to do this. They hunt out evil wherever they find it, even if it's not really there in some cases. Followers of Aramon are to be given no mercy, as Enoch has a long standing feud with Aramon. Others who aid him receive no mercy either. Enoch clerics of higher power are able to use a holyword to smite their evil enemies. They are also very good with weapons and armor, due to their martial nature. Undead fear clerics of Enoch, and often run in fear from their increased turning abilities. A cleric of Enoch must remain good, or their power is liable to wane, and the Inquisitors' Order might come looking for them for questioning.

Abilities: Holyword, Pray, Teach, Turn, Turn Bonus

Restrictions: Must remain as good as possible, or abilities wane.