Account Association

You have the option of associating a mud character with a forum account. A forum account may have many characters associated with it, but a character may only have one forum account associated with it. This can only be updated in-game by using the "forum" command.

Why Associate?

Association creates a link between a character and an account. With this information, the mud can do the following:
  • Notify your character when you receive a new private message.
  • Display to other users the characters you play.

More functionality will be coded in the future!


There are two ways to associate a character with a forum account. When logged into the game, you can use the FORUM command. The mud will send the username and password of your forum account (which you enter) to the website for confirmation. If this is successful, you will receive a message confirming the association.

Alternatively you may log into the character interface with your mud character. You may then use the button located on the page to associate the character you are logged in to to the account you are logged in to.

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